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Fair Play

Fair play is the base we are standing on

At Scratch.co.uk we are committed to provide fair play at all times. We understand the importance of explaining how this is actually done:

  • When we publish a new scratch cards series our computerized system makes a known amount of Scratch cards based on the List of Prizes. There is a 1 in 3 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Scratch card of any game when the series is first published.
  • Each Scratch card is unique and encrypted by our system. When you buy a Scratch card the system will use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to choose a Scratch card from the relevant series, only then the system will make the card readable. The system has been carefully tested by running millions of rounds and examining results. The system is also systematically tested by Scratch.co.uk team.
  • You can choose the type of Scratch card you want to play, but you can't choose the unique card (for security reason).This means that even if someone knows the number of a unique winning card he can't choose it.
  • At Scratch.co.uk we are committed to inform our members about any series that has Big Prizes Cashed-out. Most of the Scratchcard games in the world will not let you know if the Big Prize is still available when you purchase a Scratch card. That means that on other Scratch card games you can find yourself expecting to win a Big Prize that is no longer available.
  • At Scratch.co.uk you can always view your Game History and Banking History logs. By clicking the "History" button (at Scratch.co.uk Lobby), you can review all of your activities, including each Scratch card that you've ever played, with the exact date and time, card price, detailed game results and Banking history including each Deposit and Cash-Out.

Fair play is the base for our mutual prosperity. At Scratch.co.uk, we are always excited and glad when one of our members wins a Big Prize and we have the opportunity to help someone accomplish their dreams. Every winner is an ambassador of prosperity for us, which is why: when you win, we win.

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